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Why study?

The Law and Business Administration and Management (BAM) Joint Honours Degree programme has been designed with the aim of providing the training, knowledge and methodology of both of the fields. Firstly, it trains professionals to equip them with the skills to perform the management, consulting and assessment tasks in companies that may be required at the global level of the organization or in any of the key departments: production, human resources, finance, sales, investment, administration or accounting. Secondly, the programme provides basic legal training that includes both the theoretical knowledge regarding the legal system and the methodological tools required to interpret and apply the regulations that comprise the system.a

As a result, students receive a dual preparation, from the business perspective and the legal perspective. This enhances employment opportunities as graduates will have acquired the competences and knowledge from each of the two degrees. The employment options that are of the greatest interest to graduates of this joint honours degree programme are as follows:

  • Freely practising in the legal profession as a lawyer or attorney, once the relevant Master’s Degree has been obtained.
  • Legal consultancy in public institutions and private companies.
  • Applying to join the following professions: Notary, Registrar, Legal administration clerk, Civil servant in public administrations and international bodies, among others.
  • Working as an economist. In particular, the programme will prepare graduates to hold the following professional roles: Investment and financial consultant, Market analyst, Tax consultant, Auditor, Commercial director and marketing specialist, Accounting specialist, Company manager and director, Manager and director of public bodies and non-profit organizations.