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Educational aims

The obligatory or curricular external practical work placements include the set of training activities performed by students in companies or public and private institutions, which aim to encompass the practical and professional aspects of training programmes.

To achieve this objective, the work placement programme of the Law and BAM Joint Honours Degree programme is designed to acquire a set of general competences, such as the capacity for suitable management of information and lifelong independent learning and adaptation to new circumstances.

In addition, the same practical programme aims to enable students to achieve the following specific competences: 

  • Perceiving and incorporating the unitary nature of the legal system and the interdisciplinary perspective that it requires.
  • Identifying and interpreting the sources of the current law.
  • Advising on potential responses to a legal problem in a range of contexts and designing strategies that lead to different solutions.
  • Drafting a wide range of legal documentation.
  • Drafting, interpreting and auditing the economic and financial information of organizations and individuals, and giving advice based on this information.
  • Applying instrumental techniques in the analysis and resolution of business problems and the decision-making process.
  • Identifying and interpreting economic, environmental, political, sociological and technological factors on a local, national and international scale, and the repercussions of these factors for organizations.